Grill Comparison (By Price Only), 2015

We just had a customer show us an Estimate from a competitor here in the Desert and they were almost $1,500 MORE than a comparable island from our company.  $1,500!!!  So, why were they so much higher?  Easy - they a) have a designer showroom that YOU! need to pay for, and b) are in Palm Desert and don't own their building, so they pay high rent! (At All Valley, we don't have rent... :)  )  Come in and see the Estimate we have - it's incredible what some people will fall for, so we want you to spend LESS and enjoy your $$ on something else!

But we digress...  here are the grills we sell - we've broken them up by price and have only listed the 30" built-in models with rotisserie systems included. The higher priced grills are generally Commercial Quality products (BLAZE PRO, ZEUS, LYNX and FIREMAGIC).  The ones at Home Depot / Lowe’s that claim “Commercial Series” or “Commercial Quality” are not, so… We like selling products that you will enjoy for years and years, so enjoy the list!  And whatever you do, don’t buy something based on looks; this will keep you from buying brands like Lynx, Alfresco, Vintage, Twin Eagles, etc.  Just high-priced products that break, and when they do, be prepared!! :)

  1. Napoleon $999  These are very inexpensive stainless steel grills.  Residential quality, thin stainless steel, but generally, a nice little grill.  This is the least-priced built-in grill that we sell and includes the trim kit.
  2. Blaze $1,449  A solid entry, Chinese produced, USA stainless used, tube burners, nice presentation.  A great, all-around grill for the money.
  3. Allegra “L” $1,679  These grills are USA made and are an excellent choice.  Solid build quality, lights in the hood, built by AHT in Southern California… (Cool-fact: For $100 more, you can get a 36” model!)
  4. AOG “T” $1,899  The standard by which all residential grills are judged.  Super performer, long-lasting product, nothing else to say; a perfect residential product. (Cool-fact: For $175 more, you can get a 36” model!)
  5. AOG “L” $2,099  Just like it’s brother, but this grill adds lights inside the hood.  Other than that, no difference from the model above.  And yes, the ‘cool-fact’ still applies here, as well. J
  6. Luxor $2,637  Here is a commercial-chassis, 304-stainless steel grill with tube burners, excellent build-quality, Halogen light on the side (not in the hood)… This is a great selling product by AHT.  (Compare to Alfresco and Vintage brands)
  7. PGS $2,639  Here is a commercial-chassis, 304-stainless steel grill with tube burners, excellent build-quality, no light… almost like the Luxor… Chinese produced with USA stainless. (Just like Blaze!)
  8. Blaze Pro  $2,799  Here is the least-costly, genuine commercial-quality product we sell.  Produced in China with USA Stainless Steel, this is a fantastic product.  Extremely durable with VERY thick stainless construction.  CAST burners (Like Lynx), heavy-duty flavor grids (12 guage!!!), huge pencil-stock cooking grids… the one to beat! A this price point, there is no other grill that can touch it. (Note: We think the FireMagic is the best grill made, but at under $2,800, it’s hard to pass up the quality of this PRO model…)
  9. Luxor “L”  $2,849  Just like it’s smaller-priced brother, this grill adds interior lights to the game and changes nothing else internally.  A very good-looking, polished product.
  10. ZEUS Emerald  $2,899  The commercial grill that started it all – cast burners, welded construction, a true ‘beast’ in every sense, and in a good way!  The last of the tank-like constructed products! No regrets!  (Note: Their new model, the Hercules, will be available towards the middle of 2015.)
  11. Lynx $3,499  Lynx makes excellent products, and while they cook extremely well, their electronics are known for causing ‘darkness’ very soon after your purchase.  We love the way it cooks, but the headaches will leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Buy a Blaze or FireMagic if you want the same cooking ability w/o headaches!
  12. Twin Eagles $3,479  This brand is almost identical to the Alfresco - cheap, inexpensive tube-type burners, a unique design, but nothing ground-breaking.  We just can't figure out why people buy this brand, especially at this price!  A PGS or Luxor will wipe these brands clean, and will do it for less!!  At this price, you could get a better grill and a side burner, too!  Do not buy - waste of $$!!
  13. FireMagic 540 “A” $3,572  This is a ‘short’ depth grill, much like the depth of the AOG grills, with the signature cast burners and all-welded firebox.  Nothing better in the industry, end of story.  Period.
  14. FireMagic 660 “A” $3,835  This is the standard ‘deep’ version with cast burners (commercial chassis), etc., etc.  Again, a perfect product, perfectly made for over 75 years right here in Southern California.
  15. FireMagic 660 “E” $4,556  The “Echelon” product is the pinnacle of FireMagic’s lineup.  Polishing everywhere, optional everything, and a great new ‘modern’ rounded look in the front.  The best commercial-chassis grill on the market.  No discussion; just fact.  J