Purchasing a bbq island should be fun, and in 5 steps, we wanted to help you with some easy-to-read guidelines to help you decide how to design your barbecue island.  These helpful ideas, or tips, to the purchase of a bbq island should be used, and of course, we encourage everyone to come in for more information! :)

We want you to think of the following things PRIOR to making any final decisions:

  1. Decide how much you cook, and buy the grill that fits the bill. If you cook more than three times per week, think about a commercially-rated grill. If two times or less per week, then you should consider a residential-quality grill that is built well and will last many years.
  2. Decide if you want a Cooking Center or an Entertainment Center. A Cooking Center is an island that is specifically made to compliment a patio set or other area where you’ll be eating. An Entertainment Center is an island that incorporates seating and will usually become the focal point of your outdoor area.
  3. Size Matters! Islands are more expensive as they get bigger, so decide how many people need to have seating, think about the placement of the island in relationship to the home, and remember that as you add more options (sink, fridge, double side burners, etc.), the island will grow in size accordingly.
  4. Choose tile, grout, and paint colors that you can live with. Going fancy is great, but chances are that there’s a tile that looks the same for less. If you want granite, then we can do standard or bull-nose for a reasonable upcharge.
  5. Make sure you have gas and electric (and any plumbing you may need) at the site of your outdoor product! And after the delivery, make sure you have people that can do the finish work for you (the gas hook-up, the electrical, the plumbing, etc.). If you need help, call! We hope this little sheet helps you, and we always welcome comments on our services and products. We want to be the best, and we would love to be the company that provides you with your outdoor products, so please contact us with any questions that you may have.

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