Sole Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are great, and while some people build them into island structures, we love the stand alones for their ease of placement and the ability to 'store' when not in use.  If you have time, smokers and pizza ovens are a great way to go.  The Sole is actually a wood-fired product from Italy (YES, it's built in Italy), so the taste is wonderful!  Come see it on display!!

Palapa Structures w/Bamboo Ceilings

A Palapa is a great way to go, especially in our desert sun, and they can be freestanding for shade, or you can use them to build around a bbq island to create a special atmosphere.  We use a vendor who does great work and can make it with a ceiling done in bamboo.  No "Palapa Joes" or other stuff... our guys core-drill and make sure the posts are very strong to support the weight.  A great idea!!

Doors And Drawers

We sell the major brands of doors, drawers, trash centers, cold/warm storage bins (ice chests), etc.  Depending on the size of  your project and your needs, we'll suggest an array of different products for you that would aid in your enjoyment of your outdoor living area.  The ZEUS 30" Combo is our best-selling under-the-grill product we offer, along with the pull-out trash bin.  The drop-in cooler/warmers are a big seller, too!!

Outdoor Refrigeration

It's important to understand that outdoor refrigeration is much different than an indoor-type unit.  There are different specifications that are needed to manufacture an outdoor-rated fridge, and because of that, they are usually more expensive than a Magic Chef or ?? at Home Depot.  Buying a fridge that was designed for indoors, then putting that appliance outdoors, is a recipe for disaster.  Plus, when it goes bad after a season or two, you have to spend more money to buy a replacement... why??  Just buy quality and you'll be dollars ahead!!

The least expensive, outdoor-rated fridge we recommend is by FireMagic.  It's a great performer and can be had for less than $650.  The best fridge that we recommend (for under $1,000) is the Blaze 5.5 cu. ft. fridge.  We keep them in stock, they sell so well...  all stainless steel, etc.  Plus, the Blaze has a front-venting system, so no side vents are needed (although with the desert heat, we ALWAYS recommend you vent your island structure, especially if you're putting in a fridge).  Come and see us for other models, like the Luxor Dual-Drawer fridge!