If you cook three times or more per week, we suggest a commercial grill primarily designed for high-temperatures and high-use. A commercial grill uses a genuine Cast metal burner system, tougher components, thicker stainless steel, and generally has a higher heat output. Most have an actual ETL-Rating for Commercial Use and thus, are super hot units. (Note: A Home Depot "Charbroil" bbq grill labeled as "Commercial" is just marketing... there ain't nothin' commercial about it! :) )

If you want 'the best', then it's FireMagic.  I don't think too many people, even competitors, would argue this 79-year-old company is the absolute best.  Their initial cost may be higher than others, but their long-term price of ownership is CHEAP, they have a fantastic track record of performance, and their customer service is first-class.  If you want a cart-model grill, note that FireMagic uses a one-piece construction, so rather than put a built-in on top of a cart, they make it one-piece.  Oh my gosh, these things are tanks!!!  What more to say? FireMagic has a wonderful history, and unlike competitors, their customer service actually cares and gets stuff done.  This is the top of the food chain.

Next in line would be the BLAZE commercial 34" Professional grill.  They are built much like the FireMagic product, with heavy cast burners from Stainless, super thick flavor trays, etc.  They are new to the field, but nonetheless, we've been very proud to supply them and keep them in stock.  They also have an optional cart that features 2-drawers and a door, so if you want a built-in or a cart-model, we can do that!!  (Plus, these just beat the heck out of the Lynx in terms of price and quality.... :)

Pacific Gas Specialties, or PGS, makes excellent home products, and their Commercial products for rental properties are truly unique, with gas timers as part of the package.  US made A30 and A40 products are simple, effective, and are built using the proven system that the K30 and K40 grills started.  This company is the only company we know of that is putting commercial timing systems on their grills, and we applaud the effort - several of our clients have purchased these PGS grills for their rentals and are super happy with the results.

Last would be the ZEUS with their Emerald-series grilling line. (Note: Their new Hercules-series is coming out towards the end of 2015!!) They believe in "less-is-more" and actually do not have lights or fancy electronic ignition systems.  They only use 304 stainless (the genuine stuff, not the "Chinese 304") for the production of their products and they've been building this grill for over 25 years.

Lastly, if you want 'headaches', buy a Lynx... and that's all we have to say about that brand... (Read our reviews!)  And please don't tell us that the Twin Eagles is a commercial grilling product.... it's a firebox that has stainless u-shaped burners in it, with an interesting front design with some lights..  there ain't nothin' special about this product... at all.... to command such a high price tag.  Do not buy a Twin Eagles.... unless, of course, you like paying a high price for a product that cooks just like an American Outdoor Grill, for twice the price... :)

Before buying any product, from us or elsewhere, please read our REVIEWS to see what we think about these (and other) products/grills.  We tell it like we see it! :)

FireMagic is simply the best.  Period.  Even other bbq shops who cannot get FireMagic tell people that FireMagic is the best.  Why?  Well, let's start off with almost 79 years in business (Since 1936)...  then, USA-manufactured...  add some great customer service and you end up with a solid foundation for a reputable company.  They are constantly updating their products, equipment, offerings, etc.  There really is no more to say - this is the best grill you can buy.  And if you think Lynx is the best, then obviously, you haven't read the Internet regarding their faulty electronics... :)  This grill doesn't have problems or issues and they have ALWAYS taken care of our clients when need be.  AAA+++

FireMagic Fire Magic Vinyl Grill Covers

Pacific Gas Specialties (PGS)

PGS has been in the commercial grilling business for many, many years, and their big hit was, and is, the K30 and K40 (Now known as the A30 and A40).  These grills withstand the test of time, and their all-aluminum body really weathers the years like no other grill line.  They are USA-made and are simple to repair, when that time comes.. in 15 or 20 years... :) :)  They have a NEW Timer model for rental properties or commercial hotels, and this way, guests can't leave the gas on all night!  Say goodbye to repair bills and hello to peace of mind!  Check 'em out! :)


As far as commercial-quality products go, ZEUS is a really great performer.  Solid cast burners, briquettes, high-strength stainless...  utter simplicity without lights or fancy stuff that burns up.  They were originally called "Delta" and grew to what they are today.  In late 2015, their new "Hercules" series will emerge, but their legendary "Emerald" series is most excellent.   Reasonably priced, super strong, excellent and even heat distribution....  perfection and simplicity, rolled into one!

Okay, so Blaze makes residential-quality grills too (Much like FireMagic makes AOG), but these new Professional series grills are HOT!!  They use the commercial grill recipe of using cast stainless burners, super-strong flavor grids (and thick, too!  oh my!), and a fully welded firebox.  Yes, they are Chinese-assembled and American engineered...  but oh my gosh, they really know what they're doing!  Just a fantastic product!!  And don't forget to order a Blaze 24" Stainless Steel fridge with your grill - they go together like rock, paper & scissors! :)

Below, you'll find the new Power Burner Video, and it shows the Professional Power Burner, along with the Residential Power Burner. :)

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