Well, it's official; we now carry Ortal Fireplaces!!  These are the premier products, the ones you see in Million Dollar Homes, the ones that restaurants have installed, etc.  They're an American Company, produced in Southern California, and we now sell them. If you're looking for the BEST in the entire business, we can get you what you're looking for - prices (installed) start around $15,000 and Ortal has their own installers that can do the job from Soup to Nuts!

All Valley can supply you with an Indoor or Outdoor fireplace from brands like Majestic, Napoleon, Ortal, Superior, Lennox, Heat N Glo (coming soon), FMI, etc.  We also supply many people in our area with firelogs, fireplace media, "Fire and Ice" complete glass systems, and glass doors for your existing fireplaces.

We also sell firepits and firepit media, so whether you need a complete firepit, or you need the basic components, we can do that, too!!

If you need parts for your fireplace or firepit, such such as manual valves for fireplaces, electronic and remote systems for firepits and fireplaces, or inserts for your fireplace, we sell them.  You will LOVE the RealFyre brand of firelogs, and they are truly ceramic, with NO asbestos filling, hand-painted detail, metal in the main logs, etc. - see their link below.  When you want the best, come to All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace!!

We carry Rasmussen Geoshapes and Tiered (or "Multi") burners for those that want to use standard firelogs but need more height for their log set.  These specialized burners and grates provide a rear 'shelf' that also has an additional burner, making them very pleasing when turned on.  They also sell an amazing set of logs, so whatever you choose, you'll be very happy with what we offer for sale!

Lastly, for those that need the 'big boys', we do offer Eiklor Flames products.  These complete log sets combine the tiered benefit that comes with the Rasmussen products, but offers thick, heavy log sets that really 'fill up' a fireplace - Eiklor Flames specializes in the tall firelog sets and makes even a 24" log set that looks like it's on steroids. :)

Please note that we carry many 24" firelog sets in stock, and we always have firepit burners, Glass, and firelog burners in stock!!  Call for our current inventory, and click on the links below for more information on what we have to offer you!

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