Indoor Fireplaces

When it comes to indoor fireplaces, there are a TON of different designs, fuels, media (such as logs, sticks, glass), etc.  Linear fireplaces are all the rave right now, and glass is currently very popular with gas-burning fireplaces.  For those looking to replace their existing fireplace, we have licensed installers that know what to do, so if you do not have a contractor that you're working with, let us know and we'll steer you to a few that do this for a living and have expertise in their field.

Because of the extensive list of companies we deal with, we've took our most popular brands and listed them below.  But again, the very first step is to get a contractor to help you determine what size you can use and what orientation would work in your home or office. THEN, you can come in to see which models/manufacturers make what you're looking for, and then get pricing.  Of course for the Napoleon and Dimplex products (Electric), there is much less construction to take place, if any...

You'll see that we do offer Ortal, which is a premium category fireplace and is done on an entirely different level, as each piece is made for our clients and the installation and products are done with one contract.  They have their own installers for the fireplaces, so if you are wanting the best, then contact us for more information - but these units cannot just be ordered and picked up - they are made to order.

You'll also see that we do offer the new Dimplex products, including the Opti-V, Optimyst and Synergy systems....  OH MY GOSH, they are so real looking!!   In fact, Napoleon is now making their answer to the Dimplex variety's and we should see them (the new models) soon!

(Note: Recently, in April of 2015, a client brought us a quote from a store on El Paseo that gave them a quote for fireplace equipment - their prices, alarmingly, were HIGHER than Retail, and we feel that when you shop somewhere that has high rent, that those costs need to be injected into everything you sell.  We have no rent, we own our building, and we charge less for the same stuff.  It really is that simple. :)





DIMPLEX (Electric)