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Since 1978, you've trusted the name "Pride Piper" for their professionalism and courteous service, and you've trusted them with your outdoor grill, fireplace, firepit and heater repair work.  Well, that's who we use!  We use them exclusively, and so do other shops and property management companies around the Valley.  Their lead technician, Tristan, has 23 years with the company and can usually solve the issue with one or two visits.  Eric does the cleanings and simple ignition and burner installs, so both gentlemen are great with service & repair.  They use only OEM-grade parts (not cheap imitations) and do things much quicker than the 'other' guys...

In the Desert Cities, please call 760-568-5009.

Does your bbq grill need repair?  Is it not quite getting as hot as it used to when it was new?  Is your patio heater not working properly and are you finding it difficult to keep lit?  Is your fireplace valve not making that wonderful 'tick tick' any longer?  With Pride Piper, service and repair is their main goal!  They offer ethical service practices, do NOT 'stick it' to their clients on repair fees, and try their best to make your product(s) better than the way they found them!

Their fees are extremely simple and honest: For the Desert, it's only $99 for the drive fee and first half-an-hour of repair ($119 for Fireplace work). Each additional 1/4 hour is billed at $20 ($25 for Fireplaces), and if a return visit is needed, then it's only labor that is billed - NO second drive-fee!  (In other words, once you pay the drive-fee on your repair, it's just labor after that!)  And please note that due to the many parts that are needed to service the many types of grills on the market, most repair jobs are two-visits.)

They service Dynasty/Jade, Vintage/Alfresco, Solaire, EZ Chef, Patio Comfort, ZEUS' Emerald Series, Royal, FireMagic, Ducane, Lynx, Twin Eagle, Weber, PGS & MOST MAJOR BRANDS.  They WILL service your product if they feel comfortable that there are repair parts available. They're NOT shy when it comes to service, either; if they feel that your grill is beyond repair, they will tell you.  Plus, if you decide to buy a grill from us, then Pride Piper will give you $50 towards your new grill purchase within 30 days of the service call!  How cool is that? :)


Another part of the Pride Piper team is their BBQ Cleaning Service called "Mr. BBQ Cleaning Service".  Please go to Facebook and look under "Mr. BBQ Cleaning Service" and you'll see lots of pictures of what they do!  If you want your grill cleaned, then call Mr. BBQ!!!  What they'll do is...

1) Completely degrease and clean the grill & remove dirt and grime where they can reach;

2) Clean the stainless steel and then protect it with eco-friendly chemicals;

3) Clean the burners, orifices and ports to allow for proper flow;

4) Clean the island and surrounding stainless steel (if time permits OR for an additional charge)

5) Replace the ceramic briquettes with OEM-type briquettes for better heat (for an additional charge)

6) Clean out the jets/valves to remove any blockage or spider webs;

7) Adjust regulator's settings, if adjustable;

8) Adjust the flame adjustments, if adjustable; and

9) Replace & Repair Simple Ignition & Grill Parts (if time permits, for an additional fee)

With the Mr. BBQ Cleaning Service, your grill will always be kept in great condition, both in how it works, and how it looks! :)  The standard fee for a bbq up to 36" is only $239 and this includes all materials, chemicals, towels, cleaning bricks, drive fee & 2.5 hours on-site.  For grills over 36", their 3.0-hour fee is only $299!!  Mr. BBQ is the original "Desert Grill Cleaning Service" ( ) and they'll do a great job!!
  (Call us for current cleaning promotions/discounts!!)

Please note that the technicians work on time, not any specific area.  If your grill is REALLY dirty, you and the service technician can discuss working overtime to clean more of your grill.  Also, if any parts were repaired or replaced, they normally set those aside on your island or near the bbq - it's not that they can't throw them away, but rather, they'd like you to know that they did, in fact, repair or replace those parts.  And normally, on the cooking grates on a bbq, they only clean the top portion, as the bottoms of the grates take additional time that most customers want spent on the grill parts that can be seen.  If you want something specific when the technician gets to your home, please explain it to them - they'll be happy to oblige!  Mr. BBQ is a service offered by Pride Piper Service & Repair.