All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace sells products that work; we will not knowingly sell products that have a history of failure, or a product line that does not take care of its customers after-the-sale. Remember; we've been around awhile, so while other stores are either new or have no idea about the other brands, WE DO!  We've been associated with Sundance Spas since 1990 and know about their loyalty to their dealers AND customers.

Because of this, we have stopped selling Hot Spring brand spas. Some of the claims this brand made were extremely lofty, and when speaking to our customers after they received these spas, we quickly realized that if we were to stay in business, we needed to stop selling the junk and focus on the brand that is loyal to its clients and dealers; SUNDANCE is a brand that offers quality, performance, and technologically stunning products.  Visit their website (see below) and look at each of their five spa lines, including the new 900-Series and the modern Select-Series.  It doesn't matter which Sundance Spa you choose, as long as it's right for you! With aromatherapy, exclusive pumps and motors, and super features, Sundance whirlpool spas are the top-of-the-line, and many current Sundance hot tub owners will tell you; they last a long time!!

They offer rock surrounds, stereo's, 24-hour circulation pumps and more! Easy to maintain, a great warranty, and a history of quality, Sundance is the high-end of the Jacuzzi family!  Sundance also produces one of the LARGEST spas around, called the Maxxus (the Aspen is the same size but with no lounge seat), so if you crave a large spa for a large family, or you want a "Party Hot Tub", then come in and let us give you all the details, along with a great price!  OH!  And their newest line, the 900-series, is filled with technology, hydrotherapy, and is a modern healing device - check it out on their website!!

We deliver to Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino and the Inland Empire, including Blythe and Hemet.





800 Series Spas

780 Series Spas

600 Series Spas


At All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace, we have seen what Salt Systems do to a spa... the salt turns into chlorine and more-often-than-not, the spa becomes over-chlorinated and if you've ever been to the sea / beach, you KNOW what salt does to the things it touches. Sundance tried salt and it ate up everything in the spa. CalSpas tried it and they, too, had disastrous effects. Hot Spring came out with it recently and the system is EXPENSIVE and seldom works... not to mention that in a few years, you'll be replacing headrests, etc. (Think about it: You're putting SALT in your spa!! SALT eats up stuff. Duh!)

A system that DID work in the past was the Ozone Corona Discharge technology. The problem with it was that once the ozone was injected into the spa, it would dissipate rapidly when the 'bubble' reached the surface of the spa water. So while effective in theory, it was not effective as delivered. Well, no more...

Sundance has came out with a new technology that uses the sanitizing effects of UV Ozone BUT does not 'inject' it like the old systems. CLEAR.RAY is a NEW system that actually sanitizes the water by treating the water before it makes it's way to the spa. By exposing the water to UV directly, they have effectively solved the problem of sanitizing AND making it easy for water care. With the new CLEAR.RAY system, you will NOT have the ill-effects of salt systems, and you will NOT have to use extensive chemicals. The truth is this; with the new CLEAR.RAY technology, you will let the system do the sanitation, and because of this, you will use less chemicals. (Fact: The Enzyme Spa Care works with the CLEAR.RAY system!!)

Come to All Valley now to find out more information on the new models!! And if you're a Sundance spa owner, and the CLEAR.RAY system can be fitted to older Sundance models, too!!! It's nice to be a small business that deals with great products and customers, and we hope to show you into your next hot tub when you're ready!!

ClearrRay System - NOT ASalt-System!!

DoN'T Do Salt!!