1. Decide how much room YOU need. It’s great that the grandchildren come twice a year, and the family gets together on New Year's, but if it’s normally you and one other person, then make sure you choose a hot tub that’s right for YOU!! A three-person model is great for two or three people, but if you really want five and six people to enjoy themselves, look to the larger models.
  2. Decide on how many jets you need. If you are buying the hot tub for relaxation, then a minimum amount of jets will probably fit the bill. Look to the value lines for the same great quality but with less jets and features. However, if you feel pain, are arthritic, or have certain health problems that have caused you to purchase a hot tub, then you may want to consider a hot tub that has more jets that will alleviate more of the pain that you experience. Remember: more jets will not make you more healthy - they simply will allow you more choices to alleviate your pain.
  3. For smaller hot tubs, 110v power will be okay in regard to efficiency, but remember that with 110v power, you can only run the motor OR heater at one time. In other words, you cannot run the motor and the heater at the same time with 110v power. With 220v power, however, you can run both at the same time. Plus, for larger spas, 220v is the only way to go for efficiency. So, for smaller spas, a plug-in model is not out of the question. But for larger spas, we only recommend going 220v.
  4. Remember to have adequate placement for your hot tub, and that means a concrete pad, a specially designed gravel/rock pit, or pavers that have been compacted correctly. Hot tubs, with water, weigh a lot when filled, so make sure you have a solid foundation for your hot tub!
  5. The most important advice we can give is this: buy a hot tub that has a history of longevity. Anybody can build a low-cost hot tub and sell it at Home Depot or Lowe's. But because things of better quality cost more money, we encourage you to remember the old adage; "You get what you pay for."

With quality hot tubs from Sundance, you will enjoy many, many years of quality hydrotherapy at a far lessor cost than had you purchased something that was inexpensive but cost you repeated repair bills. It's not uncommon for a quality hot tub to last over 20 years, so buy a quality American-made hot tub and enjoy the many benefits for years to come! Beware of marketing concepts like "Moto Massage" or "Jet Packs". These are concepts that make other brands differentiate themselves, but really? They simply DO NOT offer proper hydrotherapy and you will quickly realize that you bought into a concept and wasted your hard-earned money.

We hope this helps you, and we always welcome comments on our services and products. We want to be the best, and we would love to be the company that provides you with your outdoor products, so please contact us with any questions that you may have.