We have a lot of people asking us for proper grilling tips, so we thought it may be a nice thing to offer our clients (and potential clients) some grill care tips to not only save you headache, but also save you money!!  So, here they are! :)

  • Never, Ever, Ever close your grill's hood for more than 10 minutes on the "HIGH" position.  You can do this as a 'start up' procedure, but only for about 10 minutes in order to pre-heat the grill.  What this does is trap the heat, and when you do that, you are basically creating an oven which not only dries out food, but also ruins any electrical components and/or wires that are near the firebox.  Trust us, this is one habit you do NOT want to continue. And we don't care what it says in "Woman's Day" magazine - don't do it!!
  • Always clean your stainless steel grill with the grain - NEVER in a circular motion.   Stainless Steel is a 'scratched' or 'brushed' metal, so when you clean it, you want to clean with the grain, or wipe with the grain.  Always moist - NEVER DRY!!!  If you have a stainless steel fridge in your home, the same rules apply; always wipe with the grain and you'll never have scratch marks! :)
  • To keep your cooking grids from getting really dirty, we recommend Reynolds Aluminum GRILLING FOIL.  It's different than regular Aluminum Foil, so make sure you get the Grill Foil or Grilling Foil.  Put this foil on top of your cooking grids and poke some holes in it (to let the air rise from the bottom of the grill).  Then, put whatever you're cooking on the grill foil.  When you're done grilling up your favorite dishes, you can simply remove this foil and your grill will stay looking great without the ordinary clean up!!  This is a great idea for those that don't want to clean the grill after each time.  :) :)
  • If you want to smoke your food and don't want to soak the chips first, then get a smoking box (or make it out of aluminum foil...) and put the chips under the cooking grids, but above the burner.  Then, the flavor from the chips will find it's way into your food!  For those of you that have flavor grids (like FireMagic, Blaze, ZEUS, etc.), then you can simply sprinkle the chips on those grids and the flavor will get right into whatever you're cooking!!
  • If you have an infrared burner (Main burner, or a Sear Zone burner), then ALWAYS leave it running after you've been cooking on it.  Manufacturers have different times to leave it on, but we suggest anywhere from 7 - 10 minutes.  This way, anything that dripped on it will be burned away and it won't cause you to replace your burner anytime soon.  But if you cook on your Searing burner and then immediately turn it off, most-likely, you'll need to repair it sooner-than-later.
  • We try to save our clients money, especially on repairs, so here's another great tip: if you've been grilling for over 10 minutes and then want to turn your machine off, that's great.  But if you have to re-light it (after having been on for more than 10 minutes), do yourself a favor and wait about 5 minutes.  Why?  Because the electrode that's in your grill is red-hot, and if you try to light your grill after it's already been on, then you may damage the tip of the electrode by sending electricity through it.  It's just a great idea to let it cool down a bit before re-lighting, or re-igniting, the grill.  We've seen the red-hot tip of the electrode simply break off after someone tries to light it after it's been on.  So if you turn off your machine and then realize that you forgot to cook something, just give it a few minutes before hitting that automatic starter... it could save you some money! :) :)